Intelligent Digital Asset Management

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On average marketers and brand managers waste one hour per day fielding requests for digital assets such as images, logos and PowerPoint presentations from internal and external teams. Assuming 260 working days in a year, an average marketer wastes 6,5 weeks per year fulfilling these requests. Sounds familiar? Now think what you could have done with all this time instead! How can you automate the distribution of media files and be more efficient at work? You need to implement an intelligent Digital Asset Management platform. 

This guide will introduce you to the intelligent digital asset management provided by Doculayer. Download it to learn how Doculayer can help you solve your main digital asset management challenges.

  • Improve collaboration and access to rich media files;
  • Reduce content re-creation costs;
  • Improve rights management;
  • Increase operational efficiency;
  • Boost brand consistency.